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Winter is a tough time for a driver. The snow makes it difficult for the tyres to grab ground while ice adds slipperiness and threat of skidding to the equation. To top it off, the standard tyres are made of rubber compounds that start to harden in temperatures below 7 °C.

The hardening brings the rubber particles really close, and they don’t have enough space to interlock with the asphalt surface. The traction becomes less, and the grip is lost. And in this way, controlling the car becomes difficult and driving gets dangerous. That is why winter tyres are so important. With increased natural rubber content, they are softer and maintain more hold on ice and snow. Zoom Tyres has the finest segments of winter tyres Coventry.

Here are some of the tyres we offer to make driving safer and simpler in winter


Winter Response 2 has a firmer grip on the road, giving you more stability and control in cold conditions. The key points of advantage in the tyre are:

  1. A tread that includes shoulder sipes at 45 degrees. The pattern improves the traction abilities while cornering on icy and snowy surfaces.
  2. The tyre’s centreline with Reverse Snow guide block pattern. The centreline holds the snow and increases the contact area and biting edge of the tyre in the snow. Thus, accelerating and braking in the snow become secure.
  3. Better traction and control on snow and ice. The high-density sipes and increased biting edges not only improve braking, but also, the overall manoeuvrability of the vehicle as well. Its optimised design suffers less deformation than standard tyres. The shape decreases the rolling resistance, thereby increasing fuel-cum-cost-efficiency.


  1. It has a tyre tread with a heavily grooved pattern combined with optimised wear indicators and reduced wear. The number of ridges and sipes have been increased for greater braking and traction on snow and ice.
  2. It has a StabiliGrip technology with an enhanced groove design. Deeper sipes in three dimensions run at different angles. These sipes multiply the number of ridges to create more traction. With StabiliGrip, the accumulated water’s surface tension can be broken and dispersed from the tyre, preventing aquaplaning.
  3. It contains Heliocompound’s 3rd generation of rubber mixture based on silica and sunflower oil. The compound maintains a wonderful grip even in cold weather and improves braking experience.


  1. With the help of Tread Optimal Performance Technology, the treadwear is optimised to provide longer life and efficiency to the tyre. An optimised wear indicator is also given to recommend the time of changing the tyres.
  2. The risk of aquaplaning is minimised with the help of Hydrodynamic grooves. The grooves direct the water away from the contact surface and increase the traction.
  3. Goodyear’s SnowProtect Technology produces shorter braking distance and enhances winter performance.

If the variety and features of these tyres haven’t baffled you already, wait till you see the full range and prices of the tyres available only at Zoom Tyres. We offer the best collection of winter tyres Coventry at exciting pricing. 

Did you know you can order your favourite winter tyre with us online? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Scroll up to ‘tyre finder’
  2. Type in your registration no. or tyre specifications
  3. Choose the tyre you love
  4. Select a slot for our visit to deliver and fit them
  5. Enter details and checkout

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