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Wheels play a major role in providing us with a safe and comfortable driving experience as they maintain coordination with the suspension system. However, over time, they tend to lose their balance and must be balanced as soon as discovered. Further, wheels should also be balanced after every tyre change. Zoom Tyres work to provide excellent wheel balancing that Coventry can count on.

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing is the process of equalising the weight of the wheels and tyre assembly, so they do not cause any issues. The service involves putting the wheels on a balancer machine and spinning them to determine the area with less or more weight. Once, the area is identified, our experts add or remove the weight from the wheels, so the wheel has uniform weight throughout its structure. Also, the weight of a wheel is balanced with the other wheels as well.

As mentioned it is a must to get wheel balancing Coventry done every time you mount a new set of tyres onto your vehicle. 

Benefits of Wheel balancing Coventry

Increased tyre life

An unbalanced set of wheels can lead to premature wearing of your car tyres Coventry. Therefore, you must get your wheels balanced to increase the overall tyre life.

Improved safety: Driving a car on unbalanced wheels can lead your steering wheel to cause navigation issues. All of this can be prevented by a simple wheel balancing Coventry at Zoom Tyres.

Enhanced comfort: A balanced set of wheels maintains proper coordination of your suspension angles and provide a smooth drive as well. This helps in increasing the comfort and safety even on rough terrains. 

Dangers of driving on unbalanced wheels

Poor Driving experience

Unbalanced wheels spoil the safety and comfort of driving as they disrupt your car’s navigation and pulls it to one side of the road. 

Potential reason for accidents

Unbalanced wheels disrupt the coordination between steering and suspension. This can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and be involved in major accidents. 

Symptoms of unbalanced wheels

  1. If you feel any vibration in the steering wheel or the passenger’s cabin, it is time to get a wheel balancing done for your car.
  2. In case you notice any uneven wearing conditions on your car’s tyre, it is advisable to check your wheel’s balancing.
  3. If your vehicle pulls itself to the one side of the road, you must get an expert wheel balancing.

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