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Pirelli Tyres Coventry

Every car-owner on this planet desires to drive a smooth and comfortable car that proves its true worth. However, your vehicle cannot perform this task alone. If you want to ensure adequate performances from your car, you need to fit it with an appropriate set of tyres. The tyre industry manufactures different types of tyres to suit your need for different weather and terrain conditions. One of the leading tyre industry manufacturers, Pirelli Tyres Coventry is a reputed brand among the people for its innovative design and long durability. 

We, at Zoom Tyres, host a fabulous collection of Pirelli Tyres that are guaranteed to help you and your car in ensuring an efficient and comfortable driving experience. In case you are someone who does not put much emphasis on tyre selection, allow us to present, Pirelli Tyres and its advantages before you.

A glimpse of Pirelli’s Journey in the tyre manufacturing industry

Pirelli Tyres was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in 1872, Italy. Since then, the brand has never failed to provide comfort and luxury to its customers. Moreover, it is known among the customers for its durable and effective performance against severe weather and road conditions. Also, it was Pirelli that invented and sold the first-ever radial tyre in 1974.

The present-day Pirelli is used as original equipment on a variety of premium cars like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, and Bentley, etc.

Pirelli Tyres Coventry is mainly known for its seasonal tyres. Winter tyres from Pirelli offer outstanding traction on snow-laden roads. Whereas, summer tyres maintain excellent performance on dry roads. Also, one can never forget the cost-effectiveness of Pirelli’s all-season tyres.

In case you are still confused, whether buying Pirelli is an ideal choice or not, you need to acquaint yourself with some amazing Pirelli products and their advantages.

Some of the best Pirelli tyres offered at our garage are:

Scorpion Winter

Scorpion winter by Pirelli is an extreme winter tyre that provides adequate traction on all wet, slippery, icy, and snowy surfaces. Moreover, this tyre comes with the run-flat technology to support the weight of a car and its passengers till 50 miles after a puncture has occurred. 

If that’s not worthy enough, allow us to take you even deeper into the features list of Scorpion Winter.

Exciting benefits of buying Scorpion Winter:

  • Exceptional handling and short braking distances, all because of its circumferential grooves
  • Outstanding handling on dry roads, all thanks to its new mould profile
  • Improved traction and gripping capability because of its symmetrical tread design

Cinturato Winter

Cinturato Winter is another innovation by Pirelli Tyres that is ideal for driving on highways with snow-laden roads. Moreover, Cinturato is made of 4D sipes to offer great flexibility and exceptional handling to its user.

Intrigued to know even more? Just look below and make yourself aware of some exciting perks that come along Cinturato Winter.

Some amazing perks of buying Cinturato Winter

  • Maximised dry grip, all thanks to its square footprint area
  • Outstanding mobility on both snowy and icy roads because of mechanical tread blocks
  • A brilliant innovation to fight against hydroplaning

In case these Pirelli Tyres Coventry interested you, follow the steps mentioned below and get them fitted at your home by our experts, at Zoom Tyres.

  • Enter your car’s license no. or tyre details on the top of our page.
  • Select your favourite tyre and add it to the basket.
  • Proceed to checkout and enter your personal details like name, phone no., and address.
  • Complete the payment and witness our services at your home itself.


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