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Zoom Tyres is the leading supplier of Kormoran Tyres in Coventry Warwickshire. We offer Kormoran Tyres Online Sales and Fitting at our workshop in Coventry Warwickshire.

Kormoran is the brand name for a range of passenger car tyres from the Polish company, Stomil-Olsztyn, which began producing tyres in 1959. It signed a joint venture agreement with Michelin in 1997 which 10 years later took a majority share and control.

Kormoran Tyres today are manufactured and owned by the Michelin Group who thrive to produce an excellent alternative to their premium tyre. If you are looking for a market leader tyre we at Zoom Tyres serve CoventryWarwickshire and nationwide.

Kormoran creates a great range of tyres for passenger cars, SUV’s,and commercial vehicles. The brand has positioned itself in theaffordable tyre market manufacturing quality tyres. Its tyres are widelyregarded to offer great comfort due to their sturdy, well-builtconstructions.

Zoom Tyres stock an extensive range of Kormoran Tyre range :

Summer Ultra High Performance, Road Performance, 701 4x4, Winter Tyres,All Season Tyres, Commercial Van Cargo and Cargo Winter Tyres.

If you are looking for Cheap Kormoran Tyres Coventry Warwickshirewe at Zoom Tyres can offer all sizes at very low prices.

Zoom Tyres is the leading Kormoran Tyre supplier in Coventry andWarwickshire


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