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If you desire to enhance your car’s performance and driving comfort, you must invest in a decent set of premium tyres that can meet the requirements of your vehicle. Also, it is equally important to maintain your car’s wheels and balance them out to ensure superior stability and enhanced mobility for your vehicle.

Zoom Tyres holds the best experts that are trained to refurbish your car’s wheels, so the looks of your vehicle are never compromised. Moreover, you can also choose from a wide variety of tyres from some reputable brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Riken, Kormoran, Churchill and Nexen, Continental etc. that come with a treadwear warranty as well.

Seasonal Tyres

Our garage holds an extensive collection of seasonal tyres that are built with unique tread compounds, wide and lateral grooves, and specialised tread to provide you with smooth performance while driving. While the summer tyres work to ensure enhanced stability on dry roads, winter tyres can help you to achieve lateral acceleration and cut through the snow as well.

Furthermore, you can also choose from some branded all-season tyres that can absorb road shocks and prevent you from the hassle of changing your car’s tyres as soon as the season changes.

Budget Tyres

If you desire to buy an additional set of tyres Tamworth for your second vehicle at low prices, budget tyres can be an excellent choice for you. Moreover, when it comes to safety, our collection of budget tyres is tested by the EU for effective wet gripping, noise reduction, stability, and other significant factors as well.

Also, budget tyres or cheap tyres are a better option as compared to part worn tyres as they meet all the legal tread depth requirements and can last longer than part worn tyres on even road surfaces.

Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel Refurbishment Tamworth refers to repairing your car’s wheels for any significant damages like cracks, dents, or bending. Generally, our experts use putty or an epoxy filler to cover the cracks that could be spoiling your vehicle’s looks. Once the mechanical repair is done, your car’s wheels are painted using shiny and matte paints that can elevate your car’s looks to the next level.

Furthermore, a refurbished set of wheels can maintain proper coordination with the suspension system to ensure a responsive steering wheel and short braking distances as well.

Wheel Balancing

The process of ensuring an even weight among your car’s wheel assembly and tyres, so they are in proportion to the axle and other wheels is known as wheel balancing. Experts at Zoom Tyres balance your car’s wheels by using an advanced balancer machine to identify the areas with less or more weight that may lead your vehicle to skid on uneven road surfaces. 

Once the defected area is identified, your car’s wheels are adjusted according to the weight requirements, so your vehicle does not incur any uneven tyre wearing, or increased rolling resistance. 

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