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The modern-day tyre is an excellent invention that helps us to drive different vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, and vans, etc. Other than providing smooth performance, pneumatic tyres also ensure your optimum safety by enhancing steering response and braking efficiency. However, tyres cannot perform efficiently unless they are paired with an excellent set of wheels.

Zoom Tyres imparts the best technology and equipment to maintain your car’s wheels. Also, feel free to choose from our collection of premium, mid-range, and budget tyres, Dunlop, Michelin, Riken and Nexen for your personal and commercial vehicles.

Van Tyres

Van tyres come with a special tread design and optimised profile geometry to reduce the rolling resistance and shorten braking distances. This helps to limit the carbon emissions in the atmosphere and draw better value for your paid money.

Other than ensuring safety, van tyres Stratford have sequential shoulder construction to increase the load-carrying capacities of your car. 

Budget Tyres

Zoom Tyres stocks and fits some excellent budget tyres that are guaranteed to enhance your car’s overall mileage. These tyres come with standard tread designs to reduce the rolling resistance and external tyres noises of your car.

Furthermore, budget tyres or cheap tyres Stratford are certified for their safety and performance by the European Union (EU), so your car’s braking and gripping is never compromised.

Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel refurbishment Stratford repairs your car’s wheels for any significant damages like cracks, dents, or holes. These structural damages can hinder your car’s overall look and may even affect performance and road contact. 

Our experts are trained to repair your car’s wheels using wheel fillers and tools, so they are smoothened and can maintain coordination with steering. Once the repairs are done, your wheels are painted using customs colours like black, chrome, matte, and satin to provide a glossy finish.

Wheel Balancing

Your car’s wheels may lose their balance because of any height alteration or improper tyre fitting. Our experts can correct any imbalances among your vehicle’s tyres and wheels assembly, so you can maintain proper road contact.

We utilise a modern balancer machine to identify the imbalances among your car’s wheels. Once done, they are corrected by adding and removing certain weight to your car’s wheels. Also, wheel balancing can prevent you from losing control of your vehicle and colliding with fellow motorists on the road.

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