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An adequate set of tyres like Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Riken Churchill, Kormoran, Nexen and wheels can improve your vehicle’s performance and safety standards to a great extent. They provide your car with the required traction to drive on icy roads, adequate stability to drive on dry summer roads, and gripping for wet road surfaces. Also, when it comes to wheels, they work with the suspension system to enhance your vehicle’s balance and road contact.

However, the tyres and wheels of your car may get damaged because of rough road conditions and atmosphere. If you desire to buy the best performance tyres for your car, Zoom Tyres will be more than happy to help you. Moreover, we also employ trained experts to provide your car with efficient services like wheel refurbishment and balancing.

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres come connected shoulder blocks and symmetric tread pattern to reduce your car’s braking distance and improve the straight-line stability as well. Also, these tyres feature longitudinal grooves to evacuate water and debris stuck in tyres Binleywoods that may cause you to skid on slippery road surfaces.

Furthermore, a variety of performance tyres come with treadwear warranty and roadside assistance to help you in events of premature tyre wear and damage.

Cheap Tyres

If you desire to increase the mileage of your second car, budget or cheap tyres Binleywoods can be a beneficial choice for you. Other than low-prices, budget tyres can improve your car’s performance on even roads and motorways.

Furthermore, budget tyres are tested for wet gripping, noise reduction, and legal tread depth requirements, so you can drive comfortably without any hassle.

Wheel Refurbishment

If you notice any potential damages or scratches on your car’s wheels, feel free to reach Zoom Tyres. We hold a trained team of experts that can refurbish and repair the holes, cracks, and dents on your wheels with the help of advanced tools and crack fillers. 

Once the damages have been treated, the surface of your car’s wheels is smoothened to ensure even paint adhesion. Feel free to choose from our extensive collection of wheels paints that can improve the visual appeal of your car.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is an excellent way to ensure an even weight distribution among all the four wheels of your car. Generally, wheel balancing is done with the help of a balancer machine. Our experts spin your car’s combined tyres and wheel assembly on a balancer to identify the imbalance.

Once the computer pin-points the location of imbalance, out experts add and remove weights to your car’s wheels. This helps to maintain responsive steering and also prevent high wheel replacement costs as well.

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