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Tyres and wheels are the primary components of a vehicle that can enhance both the performance and overall looks of a car. While a majority of tyres provide your vehicle with the required traction to drive on icy road surfaces, wheels come in wide varieties of spokes and finishes that can enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your car’s wheels and buy an excellent set of tyres that matches your car’s requirements.

Zoom Tyres has the best experts and a wide variety of branded tyres like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Riken and Nexen etc. that can elevate your car’s standards to the next level.

Off-Road Tyres

Off-road tyres have become quite the trend because of their open tread pattern and stone ejector grooves that can help to maintain stable balance and mobility even on rough road surfaces. Also, its sequential shoulder design can help to shorten the braking distances and grip effectively on terrains like loose mud and gravel.

Other than gripping and stability, off-road tyres Rugby can also assist you in hill climbing and driving on wet roads in rainy seasons.

Budget Tyres

Budget tyres feature a low-rubber quality and standards tread design that can help you to drive smoothly on even road surfaces and motorways. Moreover, budget tyres are tested and certified for stability, balance, and gripping, so your safety is never compromised.

Another advantage of buying budget tyres or cheap tyres Rugby is their ability to increase the overall mileage of your second vehicle.

Wheel Refurbishment

Experts at Zoom Tyres work to repair any cracks, damages, or dents on your car’s wheels that may hinder its ability to maintain coordination with the suspension system. Generally, wheel refurbishment Rugby involves repairing the cracks and holes using epoxy fillers and putty to cover them. 

Once, the cracks are filled, and the wheel surface has been smoothened, it is painted using the colour of your choice.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing involves equalising the weight of the wheels and tyre assembly to work in proportion with other tyres. Usually, the service is performed on a computerised balancer machine that tests the wheels for any uneven weight that may lead it to lose coordination with the tyres and cause friction. Once, the area has been identified, our experts add and remove weight to your car’s wheels to ensure superior stability and enhanced mobility as well.

A balanced set of wheels can also reduce the rolling resistance of your car that leads the engine to burn less fuel and reduce the carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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