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The tyres and wheels of your car work in coordination with the suspension system to provide you with smooth performance on both even and uneven road surfaces. While some tyres support excellent wet and dry gripping, some off-road tyres come with an open tread design to reduce the bumping and hopping effects on terrains like rock, mud, and loose gravel, etc. 

However, you must buy a branded set of tyres like Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Riken and Nexen etc. and maintain your car’s wheels if you do not want to spend vast amounts on car repairs.

Zoom tyres are main agents for Riken, Kormoran, Churchill and Nexen Tyres.

Seasonal Tyres

Seasonal tyres come in summer, winter, and all-season categories to provide your vehicle with the required stability, traction, and gripping to drive smoothly in different seasons. While the summer tyres feature a hard-rubber compound to dissipate the heat and prevent blowouts, winter tyres are built with a soft rubber compound to help your vehicle to cut through the snow and provide short braking distances as well.

In case you desire top-grade tyres in the premium, mid-range, and budget tyre segment, feel free to choose from our catalogue of seasonal tyres. Our tyres Nuneaton are designed to ensure your optimum comfort and safety.

Budget Tyres

Budget tyres are the cheapest tyre option that imparts an average rubber quality for providing you with decent summer performance. Also, these cheap tyres Nuneaton can help to enhance the overall mileage of your vehicle on even roads and motorways.

Furthermore, budget tyres are a better and feasible option than part worn tyres as they are tested for performance and certified by the EU grade label to ensure your optimum safety.

Wheel Refurbishment

Experts at Zoom Tyres have the required skills to provide your vehicle with an excellent wheel refurbishment Nuneaton, so the looks of your car are never compromised. Generally, our experts refurbish your wheel by repairing any cracking or dents by using an epoxy filler or putty. Once done, the wheels of your car are painted using the finish and colour of your choice to provide it with a matte, gloss, and different finishes.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing Nuneaton is the process of equalising the weight of your car’s tyre assembly and wheels in proportion with axle and other tyres, so you do not lose control of the vehicle. Generally, your car’s wheels are spun on a balancer machine to identify the area with less or more weight. Once done, the weights are added and removed from your wheel’s defected area.

Furthermore, a balanced set of wheels prevents the spread of rust and corrosion to other parts of the suspension system, so you do not incur huge replacement costs.

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