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The tyres and wheels of your car are an essential part of the suspension system that helps to provide you with smooth acceleration, short braking, and responsive steering. Moreover, they help to enhance the overall looks of your car because of its chrome finishes and spokes. However, they may go through certain damages and incur dents, scratches. This may deplete their overall life and even damage your vehicle’s suspension.

If you are looking to replace your existing tyres with a new set of branded tyres, feel free to choose from an extensive collection of performance and seasonal tyres at Zoom Tyres. Other than tyres, we also employ experts to provide your car with services like wheel balancing and refurbishment, so you can drive comfortably without much trouble.

Branded Tyres

Zoom Tyres has the best collection of branded tyres like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, and Continental, etc. All of these tyres have been certified by the EU for excellent wet gripping, optimum control, etc. Moreover, you also get a manufacturer warranty along with your purchase. 

Some excellent benefits of buying branded tyres Meriden include short braking distances, noise reduction, and fuel savings as well.

Cheap Tyres

Cheap Tyres Meriden are made with low-quality rubber and standard features to meet the requirements of your second car on motorways. Unlike part-worn tyres, our collection of cheap or budget tyres meet all the tread requirements and have been manufactured as per the road laws of the UK. 

We host a variety of budget tyres from brands like Accelera, ATLAS, ADMIRAL, etc. All of these brands are known for excellent budget tyres with benefits like increased mileage, enhanced stability, and wet gripping, etc.

Wheel Refurbishment

Experts at Zoom Tyres can refurbish your car’s alloy and steel wheels for any cracks, scratches, or dents that may spoil the visual appeal of your vehicle. Generally, wheel refurbishment Meriden is done using modern tools and equipment to cover for the cracks, holes, and dents on your wheels. Once done, the wheels are painted using different colours and finishes like chrome, matte, and satin, etc.

A damaged set of wheels only spoil the looks but even disrupt your car’s coordination with the suspension system. This may cause an unresponsive steering and premature tyre wearing as well.

Wheel Balancing

Your car’s wheels may lose their balance because of driving through potholes or fitting new tyres improperly. The imbalance can even cause you to lose control of your vehicle and collide with fellow passengers on the road. Therefore, experts at Zoom Tyres balance your car’s wheels using a balancer machine to identify the imbalance.

Once the imbalance has been identified, a set of weights are added and removed to your car’s wheels to ensure an even weight distribution among the tyres and wheels assembly of your vehicle.

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