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A branded set of tyres and properly balanced wheels can improve your vehicle’s traction and stability to a great extent. Also, they help you to drive smoothly on diverse terrains like gravel, rocky, and hilly areas as well. Therefore, you must fit your car with an adequate set of tyres and top-notch wheels, so you do not incur any significant problems while driving.

Zoom Tyres stocks and fits tyres from some reputable brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, and Dunlop, etc. Moreover, our experts are also trained to repair the damages on your car’s wheels and balance them out in proportion to the axle.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are built with a hard rubber compound to help your car drive smoothly at high speeds and dissipate the heat as well. Also, they can provide your car with the required balance and agility to grip wet road surfaces.

Another advantage of buying summer tyres Marston Green is their ability to reduce your vehicle’s rolling resistance, so the carbon emissions are limited into the atmosphere.

Budget Tyres

Budget Tyres or cheap tyres Marston Green are ideal for people with more than one vehicle. Moreover, these tyres are tested by some industry experts for wet gripping, noise reduction, and stability, so your safety is never compromised.

Furthermore, a variety of budget tyres bring along exciting features like rolling resistance, agility, and resistance to damage as well.

Wheel Refurbishment

Your car’s wheels may incur several damages and dents because of driving through kerb and potholes. These damages may spoil the overall looks of your car and hinder performance as well. However, our experts can repair your car’s wheel damage with the help of advanced equipment and epoxy filler to cover the holes in your wheels and maintain the looks of your car.

Other than repairing the damages, wheel refurbishment Marston Green also includes a thorough painting of wheels using the colour and finish of your choice.

Wheel Balancing

Experts at Zoom Tyres are skilful and trained to balance out the weight among the wheels of your car, so your car does not pull itself towards one side of the road. Generally, wheel balancing is done on an advanced balancer machine to identify the imbalance in your car’s wheel assembly and tyres.

Once the imbalance is detected, our experts will add and remove weights to your wheels, so they become even with the axle and each other.

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