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The tyres and wheels of your vehicle work to maintain proper coordination with the steering wheels and linkages between the suspension system to help you drive on diverse terrains smoothly. Also, a variety of alloy wheels can enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle because of their chrome and matte finishes. However, your car’s tyres and wheels may go through certain damages because of driving through kerbs and potholes. This damage may hinder your car’s performance and looks that need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Zoom tyres employ some excellent experts that can assist you in buying the perfect set of tyres for your car. Moreover, our garage also provides excellent service like wheel balancing and refurbishment to ensure your optimum safety while driving.

Performance Tyres

A majority of performance tyres feature symmetric tread design to help you drive comfortably on unpaved and dry road surfaces. Also, a variety of branded like (Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli) performance tyres Lutterworth come with connected shoulder blocks to help your vehicle grip efficiently on wet road surfaces, so you do not skid while driving.

Cheap Tyres

Cheap Tyres or Budget Tyres come with an average rubber compound to support your car on motorways and even road surfaces. Moreover, cheap tyres Lutterworth are made to increase the overall mileage of your second vehicle that is not driven much. Other than being inexpensive, budget tyres are tested by the EU to ensure legal tread depth requirements and your safety while driving.

Wheel Refurbishment

The process of repairing any minor and major damages on your car’s wheels is known as wheel refurbishment Lutterworth. Generally, this service involves filling up the cracks of your car’s wheels using an epoxy filler or putty, then painting it with the help of different wheel colours and finishes. Feel free to choose from our extensive collection of wheel paints that are guaranteed to enhance the looks of your car.

Wheel Balancing

Experts at Zoom Tyres are trained to balance out your car’s wheels, so they maintain balance and stability while driving. The service begins with spinning your car’s wheels on a computerised balancer machine that can identify any imbalance among your wheels. Once the defected area has been identified, our experts add and remove weights to your car’s wheels, so they are proportionate to the axle and other wheels.

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