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The tyres and wheels of a vehicle play a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance and safety standards. Moreover, they also provide your car with the required traction and stability to drive smoothly even on the toughest of the terrains. However, you must maintain an excellent set of wheels and pair them with a decent set of branded tyres if you do not want to lose such benefits.

Zoom Tyres imparts some excellent tyres from some reputable brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, and Bridgestone, Riken etc. Also, our experts are trained to balance your car’s wheels and repair them for any scratches or damages.

Performance Tyres

Performance Tyres are built to enhance your car’s stability and balance at high speeds, so you never lose control of the steering wheels. Also, a majority of performance tyres can reduce your vehicle’s rolling resistance. Hence, the engine burns less fuel, and carbon emissions are limited in the atmosphere. 

Other than ensuring your safety, performance tyres Leamington Spa come with a sequential shoulder construction to reduce the braking distances on both wet and slippery road surfaces.

Budget Tyres

Budget Tyres are built with an average rubber compound and an ordinary groove design that can help you to drive smoothly on even roads and motorways. Moreover, our collection of budget tyres is tested and certified by the EU- grade label, so you do not incur any issues while driving.

Furthermore, budget tyres or cheap tyres can even increase the overall mileage of your second vehicle that is not driven much.

Wheel Refurbishment

Experts at Zoom Tyres are trained to repair your car’s wheels for any dents, scratches, chipping, or other significant damages. Generally, wheel refurbishment Leamington Spa starts with smoothening your wheel’s surface and filling it with an epoxy filler to cover the cracks that may be damaging your wheel’s structural integrity.

Other than repairing your car’s wheels, our experts also paint it using the colour of your choice. Our garage holds a vast collection of wheel paints and finishes for you to choose from.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing is the process of equalising the weight of your car’s wheel assembly and tyres, so they are proportionate to the axle and other wheels. This service is performed using an advanced wheel balancer that inspects your car’s wheels for any less or more weight that may lead you to lose control of the vehicle and be involved in accidents.

Once, the defected area is identified, our experts add and remove weights from your car’s wheels to ensure a proper balance.

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