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Tyres and wheels are the most crucial mechanical element of a vehicle that ensures your optimum safety and comfort while driving. While the tyres provide your vehicle with cornering stability and superior balance, wheels help to maintain stable road contact and enhance the overall looks of your car as well. However, both of these components need to be replaced and maintained to enjoy hassle-free driving and increased savings as well.

Zoom Tyres imparts the best collection of branded tyres like Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Riken etc to ensure your safety even on the toughest of the terrains. Also, our garage employs some trained experts that can refurbish and balance your car’s wheels, so you never lose control of your vehicle while driving.

Sports Tyres

Sports Tyres are built with an intermediate rim design to provide your car with the required stability to drive at high speeds. Also, a variety of sports tyres Hinckley comes with a wide central rib construction to maintain proper coordination with the suspension system, so you can drive in a straight line with a precise steering wheel.

Other than enhanced stability, sports tyres also have wide and circumferential tread patterns to maintain an excellent dry grip on both even and uneven road surfaces.

Cheap Tyres

Zoom Tyres has an excellent collection of cheap tyres Hinckley or budget tyres that can enhance the overall mileage of your second vehicle. Also, we hold some branded budget tyres that are certified by the EU grade label for noise reduction, reduced rolling resistance, and fuel savings as well.

Furthermore, budget tyres are an economical option as compared to part worn tyres as they meet all the legal tread depth requirements according to the MOT and road laws of the UK.

Wheel Refurbishment

Experts at Zoom Tyres are trained to repair any significant cracks, dents, or damages on your wheels that may be spoiling the looks of your car. Generally, the cracks on your wheels are repaired with the help of some advanced tools and epoxy fillers to retain the structural integrity of your car’s wheels.

Once the cracks have been repaired, our experts paint your car’s wheels with the colour of your choice to complete wheel refurbishment Hinckley.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing Hinckley is the process of adjusting an even weight among your car’s wheel assembly and tyres, so they are equalised among the axle and other wheels. This service is performed by spinning your car’s wheels on a balancer machine to identify any imbalance that may lead you to lose control of the vehicle.

Once the imbalance has been identified, our experts add and remove weights from your car’s wheels to ensure an even weight distribution.

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