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Tyres are the most essential aspect of your vehicle that determines and enhances the performance of your car. Also, a variety of branded tyres like Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Riken and Nexen etc come with angular grooves and directional treads to prevent slipping and skidding while driving on wet road surfaces. Another advantage of buying appropriate tyres is their ability to support the weight of your vehicle on tough terrains like loose mud, gravel, and rocky areas as well.

Other than buying tyres, you must maintain your car’s wheels for adequate balance and conditions. Zoom Tyres has the best experts that can assist you in purchasing new tyres and also provide excellent services like wheel refurbishment and balancing.

Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are a modern invention that features a self-supporting rim and seals to help you drive your car up to 50 miles in events of a tyre puncture. Moreover, its reinforced sidewalls can resist damages from kerbs, potholes and debris as well. 

Other than puncture support, run-flat tyres Fazeley come with specialised grooves and shoulder patterns to help your car grip efficiently on wet road surfaces.

Budget Tyres

If you don’t wish to spend huge amounts on buying an additional set of tyres for your second vehicle, budget tyres can become an excellent option for you. You can buy a decent set of budget tyres for, as low as, 30 pounds to 60 pounds (approx.)

Further, budget or cheap tyres Fazeley is a better choice as compared to second-hand tyres as they meet the legal road conditions and are certified by the EU to guarantee your optimum safety.

Wheel Refurbishment

Zoom Tyres has a team of trained experts that can repair and refurbish the damages on your car’s wheels using advanced arc welders, tools, and epoxy fillers. This enhances the overall looks of your vehicle and ensures an even paint adhesion as well.

Once the dents and holes have been filled, our experts start sanding and painting your car’s wheels with a customised paint to elevate the looks of your vehicle to the next level.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing ensures an even weight distribution of weight among your car’s tyre and wheel assembly, so they work in coordination with the steering and suspension. Zoom Tyres use a computerised balancer to detect the imbalances among your car’s wheels and correct it by adding or removing weights from the wheels.

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