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Buying an appropriate set of tyres is quite challenging as the industry manufactures different varieties of tyres. All of these varieties of tyres are designed to provide your vehicle with excellent features like optimum stability, short braking distance, and superior stability. However, if you desire to elevate your vehicle’s performance to the next level, it is vital to maintain the wheels of your car as well.

In case you desire to experience the best wheel maintenance and buy the best-branded tyres, Zoom Tyres can help you. We stock and fit tyres from reputable manufacturers like Michelin. Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Riken, Kormoran, Churchill and Nexen Tyres.

Zoom Tyres are Main Agents for Riken, Kormoran, Churchill and Nexen Tyres.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are built with soft-rubber quality and lateral groove design to help your car grip efficiently on icy road surfaces. Also, these tyres Coventry can support the weight of your vehicle even at temperatures below 7-degrees Celsius. 

Other than improved performance, winter tyres have the ability to evacuate the water stuck in tyres to prevent hydroplaning.

Budget Tyres

Cheap tyres Coventry or budget tyres come with a low-rubber quality and standard shoulder construction to improve the annual mileage of your second vehicle. Also, these tyres are a better option than second-hand tyres as they are tested by the EU for wet gripping, stability, and other safety standards.

Furthermore, we hold an excellent collection of branded budget tyres like Dynamo Rotalla, Blacklion, Sunny, RoadX, and Hifly, etc. 

Wheel Refurbishment

Our experts can repair any cracks, dents, and damages on your car’s wheels, so it can maintain the required coordination with the linkages of suspension. Moreover, refurbished wheels can draw higher resale value for your vehicle.

Generally, wheel refurbishment Coventry is done with the help of modern tools and fillers to cover the holes on your wheels. Once done, the surface is smoothed and painted with the colour of your choice. This helps to provide your wheels with a shiny and glossy appeal.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is done to ensure an even weight distribution among your car’s tyres and wheel assembly, so you do not incur any balancing issues while driving. Experts at Zoom Tyres use a computer wheel balancer to detect imbalances among your car’s wheels.

Once the imbalance is found, our experts correct the defect by adding and removing weight to your car’s wheels. This also helps to prevent uneven tyre wearing and expensive replacement costs.

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