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Wheels are the primary component of your vehicle that works in coordination with the suspension and steering to help you maintain a stable road contact. Also, a maintained set of wheels can ensure your safety and prevent imbalances and loss of control as well. Other than performance, a refurbished set of wheels elevate the overall looks of your vehicle as they are painted using custom paints and finishes.

Zoom Tyres employs the best experts in the UK that can refurbish and balance your car’s wheels, so your safety is never compromised, Moreover, feel free to choose from our extensive collection of branded tyres that can take your car’s performance to the next level.

Branded Tyres

Our collection of branded tyres comprises of some reputable brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Continental, and Dunlop, and many more. All of these brands provide excellent benefits like enhanced traction, improved braking, optimum control, and stability as well. Moreover, you also get a treadwear warranty from the manufacturer with your every purchase.

When it comes to safety, a variety of branded tyres Dunchurch come with wide groove design to evacuate the water stuck in grooves. This prevents the hydroplaning effect and saves your car from skidding on wet road surfaces as well.

Budget Tyres

If you desire to buy an additional set of tyres at low prices, you can trust Zoom Tyres to be at your service. We store an excellent collection of budget or cheap tyres Dunchurch that are built to provide your vehicle with decent gripping, standards braking, and comfort on even roads and motorways.

Further, budget tyres at our garage are tested and certified for performance and safety as they meet the legal tread depth requirements. This ensures your optimum safety while driving.

Wheel Refurbishment

If you notice any significant cuts, scratches, or holes on your car’s wheels, you can get them repaired at Zoom Tyres. Our experts utilise the best welders, tools, and putty fillers to cover the cracks inside your wheel’s rim and surface. This ensures an even paint adhesion and smooth surface as well.

Once the cracks have been treated, your car’s wheels are painted using custom colours and finishes to further elevate the looks of your vehicle.

Wheel Balancing

Zoom Tyres employs a talented team of experts with years of experience to balance out the weight among your car’s wheels. Also, we have a computerised balancer to ensure an even weight distribution among your car’s tyres and wheels assembly.

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