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The tyre industry manufactures different categories of tyres like seasonal tyres, off-road tyres, all-terrain tyres, run-flat tyres, etc. Similarly, you can find different varieties of wheels like standards steel wheels to 7 spoke alloy wheels. All of these tyres and wheels can elevate your driving experience to the next extent. However, you must maintain your car’s wheels to appropriate standards and buy an excellent set of tyres that matches the requirements of your vehicle.

If you desire to get the best wheel maintenance services like refurbishment and balancing, feel free to visit Zoom tyres in the UK. Other than wheel balancing and maintenance, you can also find a wide variety of tyres for your car at our garage.

Run Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres feature a self-supporting rim and seal to prevent any sudden air loss in events of a tyre puncture. Also, it allows you to drive your car up to 50 miles if a puncture occurs, so you can reach a nearby garage. 

Another advantage of buying run-flat tyres Dorridge is its reinforced sidewalls that can support the weight of your car if you drive through any kerbs or potholes.

Budget Tyres

If you are looking for decent performance from your vehicle at low prices, you can choose from our catalogue of budget or cheap tyres Dorridge. The budget tyres at our garage are made with low-quality rubber that can enhance the annual mileage of your second car on motorways and even road surfaces. 

Furthermore, all budget tyres are tested by the EU and passed under the road laws of the UK, so you can sit assured from the safety point of view.

Wheel Refurbishment

Our experts are trained to refurbish and repair the structural damages of your car’s wheels. Generally, wheel refurbishment Dorridge is performed using advanced techniques and crack fillers to cover the holes on the wheel surface. 

Once the mechanical damages have been repaired, you can choose from an extensive set of wheel paint and finishes that can further elevate the looks of your car while driving.

Wheel Balancing

If you experience an unresponsive steering wheel or increased braking distances, our experts can inspect and correct the balance among your car’s wheels. We use an advanced balancer to identify the weight defects in your car’s wheel assembly and tyres, so it does not cause further issues.

Once the weight defects have been identified, our experts add and remove sets of weight to your car’s wheel, so it becomes proportionate among the axle and other wheels.

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