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Fitting your vehicle with a branded set of tyres is an excellent way to enhance your car’s traction and gripping abilities. Also, if you desire to achieve benefits like short braking distances and reduced rolling resistance then performance tyres can help you. These tyres are built with sequential shoulder construction and effective biting edges to help you drive smoothly on dry and wet roads without any trouble.

Other than tyres, you must maintain your car’s wheels to the adequate standards if you do not want to lose road contact and balance. Zoom Tyres is equipped with some advanced and modern tools to provide your car with wheel maintenance services like wheel balancing and refurbishment. Moreover, feel free to choose from our extensive collection of performance tyres, budget tyres, and branded tyres.

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are designed to support your vehicle on even roads. They feature a unique symmetric tread pattern and angular grooves to provide your car with the required grip to drive on wet road surfaces. Also, a variety of branded performance tyres Crick comes with a treadwear warranty to cover for any premature wearing of tyres.

Further, performance tyres feature connected shoulder blocks to maintain proper coordination with the steering wheel and suspension. 

Cheap Tyres

Budget Tyres are the ideal tyres for people who want quality at affordable prices. These tyres can be bought at low prices and can help to enhance your car’s overall mileage. Also, a majority of budget tyres come with decent EU ratings for wet gripping, stability, and balance as well. 

From the safety point of view, budget or cheap tyres Crick are tested by some industry experts for gripping, balance, and road contact, so your safety remains the priority.

Wheel Refurbishment

Zoom Tyres utilises the best tools and machines to provide your vehicle with an excellent wheel refurbishment Crick. Our experts are trained to repair any significant damages, cracks, and holes on your car’s wheels, so its structural integrity is never compromised.

Generally, arc welders and wheel fillers are used to cover and smoothen your car’s wheel surface. Once done, you can choose from our vast collection of wheel paints and finishes to customise your car’s wheels.

Wheel Balancing

In case you notice any uneven tyre wearing or loss of vehicle control, you must get your vehicle inspected for wheel balancing. Our garage is equipped with a modern wheel balancer to detect any imbalances in your car’s combined tyre and wheel assembly.

If any imbalance is detected, our experts can correct it by adding and removing weights to your car’s wheels. You should also get the wheels balanced with every tyre replacements.

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