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Performance and safety are two major concerns of motorists these days. While the tyres of your car impart technology to enhance safety standards, wheels help to maintain a stable road contact and improve the overall looks of your car as well. Therefore, it is crucial to buy an adequate set of

Zoom Tyres employs some talented experts that can assist you in buying the best car tyres and even provide excellent services like wheel refurbishment and balancing.

Performance Tyres

Performance tyres are a modern innovation built with innovative tread designs, and special groove patterns to enable excellent wet gripping and water evacuation to prevent hydroplaning. Also, its sequential shoulder design acts as a stone ejector and helps your vehicle to maintain a stable road contact; your safety is never compromised. 

Furthermore, these tyres Birmingham are lighter in weight that helps to reduce the rolling resistance and limit carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Budget Tyres

Budget tyres are built with an average rubber compound to enhance the overall mileage of your vehicle. Generally, these tyres come ideal for driving on even road surfaces and motorways. If you desire average gripping, and decent stability from your vehicle, you must buy a set of budget or cheap tyres Birmingham from our garage. 

Moreover, our budget tyres are completely tested and certified by EU grade level, so you can drive comfortably without any issues.

Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel Refurbishment Birmingham refers to repairing any cuts, dents, or damages on your car’s wheels that may be spoiling the integrity and performance of your car. Generally, our experts separate your wheels from its tyre and repair the damages by a sealant, putty, or an epoxy filler. Once the repairs are done, sandpaper is used to smoothen the surface of your car’s wheels, so it can be painted further.

Finally, our experts cover your wheel with masking tape to prevent unwanted areas from being painted. Once done, your car’s wheels are painted using the colour and finish of your choice.

Wheel Balancing

The process of balancing out the weights of your car’s wheel assembly and tyre in proportion with other tyres is called wheel balancing. This service allows your vehicle to maintain proper coordination with the suspension system, so you do not experience any bumping or hopping while driving on uneven road surfaces.

Furthermore, a balanced set of wheels can help your car to maintain a stable balance and prevent it from pulling towards one side of the road.

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