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Wheels and tyres play an essential role in improving your driving comfort and overall safety on the road. They work for a variety of purposes like enhancing your vehicle’s road contact and ensuring optimum control while driving on unpaved surfaces as well. Therefore, it is quite vital to buy the best tyres and maintain your car’s wheels, so your safety and comfort are never compromised.

Zoom Tyres has the best collection of branded, mid-range,  budget tyres and Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Riken and Nexen etc that are tested for their optimum safety standards. Moreover, we employ some of the best experts that can provide your car with excellent services like wheel balancing and refurbishment.

All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres feature an all-weather compound and stiff shoulder blocks to help your car drive smoothly on both dry and icy roads. Also, these tyres Atherstone enable your car to shorten the braking distances and provide optimum traction to maintain stability on slippery road surfaces. 

Other than excellent performance, all-season tyres come with wide and lateral grooves to evacuate to water stuck in grooves. This helps to prevent hydroplaning and skidding of the vehicle as well.

Cheap Tyres

Budget Tyres or cheap tyres Atherstone are primarily the choice of people with more than one vehicle. These tyres can easily provide your car with efficient gripping and handling on motorways and even road surfaces. Moreover, budget tyres at our garage are tested by the EU for noise reduction, cornering, and stability, etc.

Other than exciting features, budget tyres are proven to be a better option than part worn tyres because they meet all the legal tread depth requirements.

Wheel Refurbishment

Experts at Zoom Tyres are trained to repair any significant dents, scratches, or damages on your car’s wheels that may be spoiling the overall looks of your car. The wheel refurbishment Atherstone is done with smoothening your car’s wheels and filling the cracks with putty to maintain the structural integrity of your car.

Once the cracks have been filled, your car’s wheels are customised using the colours of your choice. We have an extensive collection of wheel paints like chrome, satin, matte, etc.

Wheel Balancing

The process of equalising an even weight among your car’s tyres and wheel assembly is known as wheel balancing. A balanced set of wheels are essential to maintain optimum coordination with the steering wheel and suspension system. Generally, wheel balancing is done with the help of a computerised balancer machine to identify any imbalance among your wheels.

In case, a wheel imbalance is detected, a set of weights are added or removed from your car’s wheels, so they are proportionate to the axle.

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