Tyre Puncture Repair

puncture repair

Tyres work for a variety of purposes like supporting the weight of your car, absorbing road shocks, maintaining the navigation, and offering traction, etc. However, they are likely to incur certain damages that need to be repaired to ensure a smooth drive. Zoom Tyres hosts skilled experts in Coventry that excellently repair your car’s tyre puncture for exceptional road safety.

What is puncture repair?

Generally, the process of repairing a hole in a tyre’s tube is called puncture repair Coventry. The service involves a thorough inspection of the tyre to determine the defected area and repair it if possible. Further, the road laws do not allow a puncture repair if the tread depth of your car’s tyres is below 1.6mm. Moreover, if the puncture is caused due to the ageing of tyre, you must get your tyre replaced as it cannot be repaired in such situations.

Experts at Zoom Tyres recommend getting your tyres checked as soon as you notice any wearing conditions, depressed tyre, or inefficient performance.

Benefits of getting puncture repair

Increased performance

Driving on a proper set of tyres without any tread or tube damage can increase the gripping performance and stability of your vehicle to a great extent.

Increased tyre life

Maintaining a good set of tyres with a proper tread depth and free of punctures can enhance your car’s tyre life by some years.

Reduced expenses

An excellent set of tyres without any major or minor damage can help a driver in the long run and prevents you from replacing your tyres with new ones.

Risks of Driving on a punctured tyres

Safety Threat

Tread and groove damage can affect the coordination between the tyres and the wheels. This can lead you to lose control of the vehicle and be involved in accidents.

Costly replacement

Neglecting a puncture repair Coventry can cause irreparable damages in the future. Such a situation can lead you to buy new and expensive tyres.

Risk of a tyre blowout

Driving on a worn-out or damaged tyre can increase the friction between the tyres and the road that can cause a major blowout as well.

Symptoms of a Punctured Tyre

  1. Increased braking distances and inefficient handling
  2. Deflation in the tyre and constant need of tyre inflation
  3. Heavier vehicle and difficult cornering
  4. Difficult navigation and the car pulling itself to one side

Reasons for a tyre puncture

  • Driving over any sharp objects like dust, debris, nails, etc
  • Under or over-inflation leads to stretching of joints and a puncture
  • A faulty valve stem is another reason for a tyre puncture

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