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Mobility in cars without tyres is an impossible feat to accomplish. They are one of the key aspects of the car and the only point of contact between the car and road surface. This calls for the utmost care and attention to them. However, they are actually one of the most ignored parts of the car and receive negligible to almost no care at all.

Zoom Tyres is widely known in Coventry to provide excellent car-related assistance and tyre fitting services. The best in class products are delivered to you, along with the promise of catering to the most efficient services as well. Tyre fitting Coventry is an important aspect considering they are going to be your only aid at high speeds.

What Dangers You’re Prone To

Improperly fitted tyres are an assurance of your drives being unsafe at all times. They are incapable of supporting the vehicle at high speeds and can’t be trusted with the lives of your loved ones. Below is a list of the troubles you might face with improperly fitted tyres.

  • Loosely fitted tyres can detach themselves from the car at high speeds and lead to life-threatening situations
  • Improperly fitted tyres lead to uneven wearing of tyres and reduce their life drastically
  • A reduction in the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle can be noticed as well
  • A need for wheel balancing and alignment also develops
  • Lug nuts can crack and collapse due to overload
  • A reduction in the car’s steering and cornering abilities, along with performance, is prone to happen

How to Avoid this Issue?

Avoiding an improper tyre fitting Coventry service is not as hard as you think. Having excellent knowledge about the proper procedure of tyre-fitting is mandatory to prevent its adverse effects. Below is a guide for you to understand the tyre-fitting procedure.

  • The wheel is removed from the car and placed on a mounting machine.
  • The tyre and the balancing weights are removed entirely from the wheel.
  • The wheel is held in place using the arms of the mounting machine.
  • The tyre is then fitted onto the wheel. This is done by placing one bead over the wheel and using the clamps to pull the rest.
  • Once the tyre is fit in place, it is balanced and filled up with air.
  • If the tyre does not have any leaks or punctures, you are good to go.

Regular checks and timely maintenance can help you avoid the need to replace your tyres. Maintaining optimum air pressure in them helps reduce the rate of wearing on your car tyres as well.

Our professionals, at Zoom Tyres, guarantee to provide you with the best in class tyre fitting services. They take extra care to make sure that your drives are not only safe but also value for money performance wise.

How to book?

Use our service booking tool at the top of the page to book an appointment with us right away. Just enter the information and select a date of your choice to confirm the booking. Once you drive your car into our garage, you can be sure to achieve the best performance your car has to offer.

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