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Summer tyres are an engineering masterpiece that works effectively in warmer climates. When temperatures rise above 7 °C, the rubber material starts to expand and become softer than required. This hampers the grip as well as the comfort of the vehicle along with other issues.

Zoom Tyres offers the most extensive collection of summer tyres Coventry. These tyres are engineered to beat the heat and make your ride more efficient.


As the name suggests, this tyre is an excellent companion on the roads with a fabulous grip, top-notch fuel efficiency and long life to assist you better.

  1. It has a light-weight construction and an improved tread compound. This reduces the energy required by the tyre to roll. Therefore, the fuel consumption, thanks to FuelSaving Technology, and the resultant CO2 emissions also subside. In this way, not only is this tyre fuel-economic but is eco-friendly as well.
  2. The silica tread compound reduces wear and keeps the tyre in a working condition for long. This leads EfficientGrip to deliver better mileage.
  3. The blade arrangements are set to disperse water. Along with a unique surface, this tyre shortens the braking distances and gives a better-wet grip.


The DuPont™ Kevlar® technology is renowned for its toughness, durability, and longevity. The same has been used in this tyre’s make as well. Kevlar® gives it a stiff and durable sidewall.

  1. Dunlop Touch Technology makes sure that the tyre's responsiveness is also maintained, despite the durability.
  2. The pressure is distributed evenly across the tread pattern, making the handling easier on wet and dry surfaces.
  3. The shoulder blocks are hard and add to the stability while cornering. Therefore, the drive becomes smooth even when cornering at high speeds.
  4. The nanoparticles, inspired by the technology used in motorsports, are used in the tyre’s tread compound. This gives SPORTMAXX TT a fantastic grip and a shorter braking distances.
  5. The asymmetric grooves add to the grip on wet as well as dry roads.


Michelin Pilot Sports 4s is a premium tyre specially made for safety and performance. It has excellent directional stability and improved steering. It is amongst the leaders in wet and dry braking, longevity and lap-time.

  1. Thanks to the ultra-reactive tread pattern, the tyre adapts continuously to the surface it runs on. This gives it an optimised footprints on the road.
  2. The response time from your steering to the tyre is reduced with "Dynamic Response" technology. In this, a hybrid belt made of nylon and aramid is used that truly makes the response dynamic.
  3. It involves Bi-Compound Technology, where the outer and inner sides of the tread use two different elastomers. The outer side uses a hybrid elastomer to enhance the dry grip. On the other hand, the inner side comprises of a new mix of compounds. “Functional elastomers” and silica impart excellent wet grip.
  4. The sidewall details of the Premium Touch Velour Technology give it an irresistible charisma.

If you are already amazed by what these summer tyres bring to the table, well we have more! Zoom Tyres caters to our customer’s requirements and would be glad to offer every summer tyres Coventry needs.

Don’t bother coming all the way here; you can order these summer tyres and many more by following the steps given below.

  1. Go to the top of the page and choose the Tyre Finder.
  2. Enter the required tyre specification.
  3. With registration number, we can find all the suitable options for you.
  4. Choose the tyre you like.
  5. Enter the required details and proceed to checkout.

You can also write to us, at We value our customers’ feedback and owe them for being where we are today.

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